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Other LED screens for Festivals and Events


We have become accustomed to seeing LED screens on facades, shop windows, canopies, sports venues or stages. 


In general, they are of large or medium dimensions, rectangular and horizontal (except in the case of facades that require vertical installations).

But there are other LED screens or electronic signs of less conventional formats, less obvious digital signage because it moves away from the formats of traditional signage. And small items that may not be repaired immediately but are also LED screens with advertising and marketing functions.

We want to introduce you to two of these types of LED screens that may not have entered your radar until now:

IPoster or portable LED banner

They are similar to roll-up analogs that have been used for years in advertising and marketing, but much more versatile for the content they can broadcast, for the different locations to which they adapt and for the combinations they allow.

These are vertical portable LED screens that rest on the floor, are fixed to walls or hang. Contrary to what one might think by their elegant lightness, they are very resistant. Its installation and maintenance are extremely simple. They do not require external control devices. And they support all video and audio formats. Click on the following link if you want to know more about iPoster or portable LED banners.

LED screens of small size and great possibilities

The mini LED displays are LED screens that in a minimal format display text, logos and stylized images. Ideal as a complement to work uniforms (congress staff, for example), for exhibitors of promotional or sales items, for hotel reception tables and other types of businesses.

Reference: Outdoor LED Display Suppliers


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