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3 Authorization elements needed for sustaining a Wikipedia page 


Wikipedia is a platform that has the highest significance in the digital community. It is for the fact that it has both the reading and writing domains high. Therefore, the content that is presented on Wikipedia is created with much concern and consideration. This community is constantly increasing its domain every day.

Following are the three main points that need to cover for the sustainment of a Wikipedia profile.

1. Creating a reputation for yourself

Wikipedia is a hard website to handle. However, this firm and strict decisions are the need of an hour. Since, a huge fraction of people that are constantly adding to the community creates a hassle, which required to cater through a proper check of the reliability of the writer. Therefore, the first thing that helps you in creating a Wikipedia page and reduces the chances to disqualify or get rejected is through building the reputation of yourself. This is only possible by editing.

Before you start writing your article, it is necessary to start editing the content that is already available on the Wikipedia platform. It is because the Wikipedia community will be watching you and your editing content. Therefore, the more amazing edits you make, the more you will get recognized by the platform to create an article. Hence the chances of your article rejection will be less.

After the creation of Wikipedia account, you will be provided with an option on the Wizard to either directly start your article or make changes in the existing articles. Always start by editing. It is because if you make reliable changes in the content than after four days the Wikipedia officials will make you credible for creating content.

2. Addition of proper citations

The credibility and trust for the content of Wikipedia are for the fact that it has a content, which is proven by proper referencing. This is the reason that most of the writer is the concern on how to create a Wikipedia page for a musician, book, school, place etc. just to create it with authentic resources.

Every content on Wikipedia needs to have some of the reliable sources that have already uploaded the content online. This adds credibility and helps the writer to reference its content with the trusted sources. Therefore, before you start an article on Wikipedia, make sure you set all the resources that you may need in the writing process.

3. Constant update in the content

In order to maintain your stand in the Wikipedia community, it is necessary for you to update your content regularly. It is for the fact that all the content on Wikipedia is known to be reliable and recent. It is only possible by updating the content on a regular basis so that the audience read the recent information with all the present factual data. Moreover, the Wikipedia officials also take a regular check on the content just to check if the publisher is updating it or not.


It is necessary for every business and individual who have a keen interest in having a firm, presence on Wikipedia should consider the above-mentioned points. This will add credibility and reliability to your presence. 


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