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How to Stay on Budget and Still Live a Quality Life


It is a huge myth among people that quality of life comes at a price. People have different definitions of quality life – some would argue about owning possessions and shiny materials which obviously come at a staggering price, while some would pester about gaining life experiences which to a point, also come at a staggering price.

So, where does one go? How does one stay on budget and yet live a quality life? If we begin to realize, most people, when they get paid, start spending on unnecessary things which do not really matter to them. Now that would sound clichéd but if we actually track the habits of people, they have remotely aligned their priorities and always move towards spending big bucks on stuff they do not really need or at least can wait until some time when their bank account allows.

But compromising does not get you a quality life – where does one begin?

Planning – If you align your priorities, put the most important things first and make room for where you can freely spend, it all can work out. Prepare a budget, keep a margin of spending that you cannot absolutely cross, no matter what. Once you start implementing this plan, your mind would adapt to the habit of spending in a planned and properly administered way. It is important to keep track of what is taking most dollars out of your bank account and then planning accordingly.

Spending wisely – Once you track your spending, it is also important to make wise decisions. If you manage to save some bucks at the end of the month, congratulations. But that certainly does not hand you a ticket to spend it all the very next week. Develop a habit of saving and watch out where your money is going. Items that are too expensive should be avoided, especially when they are really not worth it.

Avail all that is to avail – We all need to be keen about discounts, mega sales, Black Fridays, Uber promo codes, coupons, and flat sales. But it is not easy to keep an eye on them. The best way is to frequently visit platforms that have filtered all such promotional deals and discounts in one place. Take the example of, a leading platform where you can find deals, discounts, coupon codes, real coupons and the much sought-after information regarding your favorite restaurants. You can browse an array of eateries on their website. It is very easy to fall for scams or outdated deals and coupons, which is why leads by example about how they give out coupons. They provide you with a link to a restaurant’s website and there you can get the coupon yourself. Hence, validity is assured.

Avoid spending it all on one weekend – It’s Wendy’s birthday this weekend but that certainly does not mean that you go and buy 5 tequila shots and end up with a terrible hangover the next morning. It is not wise or smart to be spending recklessly on a single weekend. You may be eager about counting as much life experiences but if they come expensive, you may consider avoiding them for some time.

Eventually, it is all about the final few days before payday. You may be an expert at stretching $20 to the final week of the month but other necessities can strike up any time which you need to be always prepared for.

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