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What can happen with the declining editors of Wikipedia?


Being the sixth most visited website in the world Wikipedia is the only crowdsourced platform that numerous people turn towards for the information. Astonishingly all the volunteer writers and editors who write and contribute are still strong but there are some loopholes in the coverage that might expand with time. So here are some surprising facts one must learn about Wikipedia.

Wikipedia was initiated as being written by the experts

Originally Wikipedia came to existence as Nupedia as an internet encyclopedia that was developed by the entrepreneur jimmy wales and Sanger. The platform was based on creating a hub of information that was to be solely contributed by the experts. However, the slow review process could have only made 24 articles every year so the concept was switched to where anyone can contribute without the editorial misunderstanding.

“The initial idea was to set up wiki as the part of Nupedia to create a way for the public to advance with a stream of write-ups that need to be fed up into the Nupedia process.” Said Sanger in a memoir. Well from the very inception on January 15, 2001, Wikipedia took off like a house on fire, with 6000 contributions within 6 months and more 13000 in respective four months within 293 languages.

Jimmy Wales run Wikipedia himself

Back in the year 2006 wales appearing in the quiz show named WAIT, WAIT DON’T TELL ME, he highlighted that he usually gets two sorts of emails. “One of the emails asks him to make corrections to certain entries for people had a concept that wales write the things all by himself and the other emails read that the Wikipedia has some connection with Wicca. Then there are folks who easily get upset about the agnostic thing take over the internet” said Wales. The participation of wales was memorable for his not talking about the questions related to create a wikipedia biography.

The mobile trend has taken down the Wikipedia

Irrespective of the numbers of readers, however, in terms of hiring writers and editors to work. Several reports reveal that Wikipedia is turning short of the editors. The workplace culture was once the problem. Well in recent times it’s the prevalence of mobile devices such as smartphones. It’s difficult to compose and edit difficult text on the small screen. Moreover, the editing interface for the Wikipedia mobile mode is not many users friendly. And so the decline in the editors will make Wikipedia less reliable.  

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