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Why Every Brand Needs a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is more than an open source encyclopedia as it is a community where people collaborate to create authentic content.


 Wikipedia page creation services

Its prime purpose was to be the biggest information web platform and that purpose still exists but with time, it grew to become a powerful advertising platform. People from all over the world access Wikipedia for getting information on diverse topics and because of that it businesses have started to use Wikipedia as a channel for better user engagement and recognition.

It is no longer a collaborative encyclopedia as companies, big or small, have pages on Wikipedia solely for the purpose of building their online presence and reaching out to potential consumers. The need to invest time and money for advertising is removed with Wikipedia as you can edit and upload your content for free and if it is approved then it helps you improve your business propositions at a higher level.

Proceeding with Page Creation

Creating a Wikipedia page is not everyone’s forte. Only professional Wikipedia writers possess the ability to create successful pages. They are talented individuals who hold experience in making and publishing pages that are up to the standards of Wikipedia. Wikipedia has strict guidelines and policies and only professional Wikipedia writers have the power to abide them properly.

Wikipedia Guidelines

Main Wikipedia guidelines depict that the person you are creating a page for needs to be notable enough. The notability of any person or business is judged by authentic third party coverage in the form of newspapers or journal. Blogs and articles do not count as genuine resources.

You need to cite the sources correctly. False links or references will not be counted and your page will be flagged as spam immediately. However, working with professional Wikipedia writers leave no room for such shortcomings. External sources and references need to be genuine to make you eligible for a Wikipedia page.

Content should be unique and of high quality. If you choose a topic a redundant topic then it lowers your approval chances. Wikipedia also has SEO capabilities that is why if you want to secure high ranks on search engines then you need to make sure your page topic is unique and engaging.


The advantage of working with a professional is that they possess the power to generate more leads and increase your user retention. People might not know how powerful Wikipedia is but if used correctly it is a better marketing tool than any other advertising platform. 

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