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Deborah Thompson



Restricted Products to Sell On Amazon

I have received constant questions about how to know which products are restricted to sell in amazon and I sincerely answer that it is practically impossible to remember each brand or product that meets these policies, but for the peace of mind, this has 2 simple ways to identify them.

Today I am going to show you the simplest options that will help us determine what products we can sell in amazon.

Option 1: This option will help you if you are in a physical store or if you have access to the barcode of the product. The first thing you should do is open the "Amazon Seller App" application on our phone, in case you do not have it you must download and install it.

Once inside the app, we choose the option "SCAN", we pass it through the bar code and that's it, then the product appears with a message in the center of the image "Restricted Product", it is clear that this product in Particular is restricted and cannot be sold on Amazon by us.

As you can see, the process is very simple, if I am in a store and I want to know if the product may be restricted, it is just scanning with the application "Amazon Seller App" and I let it tell me if I can sell it or not. The application will also tell you in what conditions the articles can be listed, which is very useful, since there are some products that are not allowed to be sold as used.

Option 2: Ideal for all those who look for products online. In this case what we should do is look for the product in amazon and with the cursor we click on "Sell on Amazon" (Bottom right).

Immediately we will see an alert message covered by a red box where it tells us that to sell this product an Amazon approval is required.

In conclusion when we find this type of product it is better to leave them in the jungle. If you need more information about restricted products or that require Amazon approval.


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