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How To Overcome Post-Traveling Depression?!

Everybody knows what I’m talking about when mentioning ‘Post-Traveling Despressions’. It has a high medical tone and is often not accepted or believed in. People that have never been travelling long-term or outside their ‘all-inclusive’-holidays also have never experienced this feeling. But IT EXISTS! Returning home from the best time of your life can mix up your inner body and your feelings. But it’s not cured with the help of pills. Read now how to overcome these post-travelling depressions.


While travelling you are surrounded by an immense number of new people, feelings, views, traffic and so on. Every day you experience something completely different from what you are used to know. Changing the city, people, landscapes etc. every 3-4 days becomes normal for you and keep moving already became your day-to-day life. You fulfill your dreams. You do things you never thought you could do. You make friends from all over the world. You start realizing the environment around you. People at home are so far away. You reconnect to nature. Now and then you leave your smartphone behind. You are soaking up all experiences and stories from other people. You open your mind to new point of views and start rethinking your habits and priorities.

And then you go back home. Everybody is still the same. Nobody and nothing has really changed. Of course, life went on the same as always. But you didn’t. You are used to all the nice things you’ve done every day. No day was like the other. No person you met told you the same stories again and again. You miss the movement to and excitement for new places. The worst is, when you’ve travelled alone. You literally have no one to share your best travel moments with. Well, your friends and family for sure want to see your pictures and hear some stories. But after a few pictures you will realize, that most of your super funny stories are insider jokes only your travel buddies can really understand. Also, are people back home not really interested in hearing your stories again and again. Once is enough and then they expect you to return to your former life. What they don’t see is, that these stories became your life and will never leave you again.

All these experiences after returning home make you feel depressed. Every day from now starts with your computer. Windows opened are ‘Skyscanner’, ‘Google Maps’, ‘Hostelbookers’, ‘Best places to go in …’. Dreaming of the next trip becomes your new day-to-day life. But you cannot talk about these dreams with anybody. For them you just returned and you must go back to your normal life! 


In the following I want to give you some advises on how these depressions can be turned down. But be aware that your inner travel love will never be silent again:

#1 Find work, hobby, volunteer etc. 

The most important thing is, that you don’t fall into a depression hole. It is necessary that you find something to do. On the one hand you’ll get new goals you can concentrate on. For sure, you won’t forget the amazing time you had while traveling. But you’ll stop thinking about it every single minute. On the other hand it helps you creating a new life.  

#2 New Destinations

Another good thing to do is to search for new places to go. First it might seem a little wrong to think even more about traveling but it can also help. First of all, you will realize that there is so much more to explore. The places you’ve been before might not be the best places and best times ever. Secondly it helps you to get through your new job. As soon as you earned the money you are ready for your next adventure. So mostly it is a good motivation. 

#3: New life again

On thing you definitely should not forget is the life you had before traveling. Most probably you were really excited and scared before your adventure. You didn’t know what was gonna happen, what the countries and people will be like and if you’ve done the right choice leaving your old life behind. In the end, your decision turned out to be perfect. But this you didn’t know before. It’s just the same when you return. You decide to go back to your homeland. But you also don’t know what’s gonna happen. It won’t be your old life. It will be a new one and likewise another adventure. You always have to leave old chapters behind, but don’t forget them!

#4: Stay connected with travel buddies

As I mentioned before you won’t have many people to talk with about the adventures you had. This is often really frustrating. Therefore, it is the best to stay in contact with former travel buddies. Not can you rethink all the adventure but also make close friends around the world. 

#5: Create new adventures in old home 

Even though you are returning to your ‘old’ home I am pretty sure there are tons of things you haven’t done yet. So, if you miss doing something new everyday just go for it. Also in your old-new home you will definitely find interesting places, meet new people and create a joyful lifestyle far away from ‘day-to-day’attitude. 

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