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How To Build Your SEO Strategy Using A Wikipedia Profile


The existence of Wikipedia has proven to secure top rankings on the search engine. The reason behind it is that wiki pages are always rich in keywords and the entire search engine revolves around the right use of keywords.

That is the sole reason why individuals and businesses have been looking for a Wikipedia writing service that could assist them in building a visible online presence. However, before you do, make sure to understand the correlation of Wikipedia and SEO.

A reliable presence

While it is true that Wikipedia only approves profiles of those who are credible but that is not important to the search engine. If you believe you have what it takes to be on Wikipedia then you should improve your wiki portfolio by adding sources and links from reliable platforms and outlets. Doing so allows you to gain a visible presence on the search engine, as Google will then consider you to have a high brand reputation. Wikipedia always manages to secure the highest rankings but it entirely depends upon how well and genuine the written content is.

Do not forge anything

All the information and details added to Wikipedia pages comply with the standards defined by the platform. The only time Wikipedia allows to upload your page is when they believe you have enough notability to be there. However, this notability should never be forged and you should be sincere about all the details you add. Forged or misinformation is detected by the search engine and if that does happen, your wiki page will never secure the high ranks you think it will get. Maintain a balance between relevant credible sources/citations and the content you will add for further descriptiveness.

As per Wikipedia guidelines

Many novice writers, business owners or individuals, in general, fail to realize the importance of Wikipedia guidelines. If the content you add to your page does not comply with any links or sources then your page is bound to be rejected. When the moderators find pages that do not have links from credible platforms, they tend to deem it negative and reject it promptly. Be sure to keep this in mind if you are looking to get a page for yourself or your brand. The citations and external links are a way to prove your authenticity only so do not ignore that ever.




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