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Future Of Mobile Solutions And The Role Of React Native 



It is for sure that React Native has become the native framework for JavaScript but it still has qualities that JavaScript itself does not possess. Developed by the experts at Facebook, slowly more and more people are turning to this framework as it provides them with ease of access, development, shortens time as well as the budget. The entire community of app developers has appreciated this framework and the upsurge in its popularity shows that it has become widely used across the world.

It might be a completely new JavaScript framework, using the React Native library a lot can be done to improve the app development process. More and more apps are being made on this Native library. For that reason, it is important to know its benefits for the upcoming mobile future.

Reduces development time

React Native allows you to fasten your app development process. Since it is a community-based framework, its open-source nature has simplified the process of cross-platform app development for both developers and designers. The components are easily available and by using pre-defined objects and components, the time for development is lowered too. React Native has a tool called Redux that is solely used for state management of app development. This allows you to work on Android and IOS development simultaneously, shortening development time.

Compatible with multiple platforms

Most APIs for React Native app development have cross-platform compatibility. This framework is designed to support both Android and IOS platforms in such a way that one can use the same coding components or codes for more than one programming framework. You are given the ability to work on multiple apps of multiple platforms without writing the code from scratch yourself. The framework of React Native has certain file extensions that work for each of the mentioned platforms. Using the extensions it becomes easy to detect what app is running on which OS and then proceed with the development phase accordingly.

Option for Live Updates

If you are looking to develop a Native app then there is no better option than React Native itself. You always have an upper hand in the development process as this framework has the option of Live Updates. This feature allows you to push the updates directly to the smartphone, without needing to manually update the app from the app store. If it were not for JavaScript, developers would not have taken advantage of this feature.


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