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4 Myths About Stand-Up Comedy That Need To End


Many people will try to scare you about stand-up comedy, you’ll have to stand on your ground and be true to yourself. So, you have set your mind to it and you are on the path of learning and executing or going for it as a hobby or a career but some things are standing before you as setbacks, some myths that just don’t let you take that one step forward which could change your life for the better. Here are some myths that really need to be addressed for the beginners who are going to end up believing them and end up messing things up:

1-Audience interaction is not toxic- The beginners mostly would try to steer clear from audience interactions and some might even dread it. Knowing that audience interaction is not the end of the world and they will be laughing with you on at you.

2-Believing that laughing at own jokes is just wrong- Some would believe that laughing at own jokes means that it’s a tactic because if no one else is laughing then at least you are. There is a difference about how to go along with it, you can laugh at your material in a way of playing around, and you just being serious about it and not even cracking a smile will just seem weird. So go with the flow.

3-You have to do just like the comedian before you- When you are next in line to go on the stage, it sometimes feels like that you’ll have to be in the same zone and keep the same flow and go with it; well, no. When it’s your turn, it’s your turn, you take the audience into your world and connect with them on your level of understanding and comfort and then sway them. Connecting with the audience on your level will work if you are confident with yourself.

4- You can’t learn comedy online- Well, clearly that’s not true. You can tell from the popularity of online courses that you can find into brushing up your stand-up comedy skills or learning them for the first time:

- The Comedy School- One of its kind in the UK. They have courses and workshops on a wide range from stand-up, improve and clown, to comedy writing, comparing, mime, etc. Established in 1998, they want to raise the comedy uses and encouraging creativity and helping comedians to work in the arts and entertainment industries or to improve communication skills along with confidence.

- Killer Stand-Up- Designed by Steve Roye. An online course that helps you evaluate your stand-up comedy performances and guides you through the process of becoming a stand-up comedian with videos, audios and the basic step-by-step requirement that you need. This is not your typical online course that promises a lot and delivers nothing special. It is a unique course that helps people accomplish exactly what they are looking to accomplish with 100% results. Helping you develop new skills and dealing with existing fears. A makeover that you deserve. They also have a regime of giving you your money back if the course doesn’t work on you. What is there to lose?

- City Academy- They have the course that can suit you according to your requirements, promising you that you’ll get confidence along the way by also having a lot of fun! City Academy is designed by keeping the users in mind so it can fit perfectly into your lifestyle. They have also been featured in BBC, Channel4, Vogue etc. They have 12,000 classes that you can choose from. When they claim that they have something that can be perfect for you then not checking them out is just unfair. Something for everyone and according to your schedule, taking you through the process of beginners to professional. 

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