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Are USDA Loans Guaranteed Only For Low-Income Borrowers?


There present several illusions regarding USDA guaranteed loans. Low-income borrower is one of them. However, you can qualify even when you are making 115% of average income. Three categories are demonstrated by the USDA loan management under which they form categories:

  •  Very low
  •  Low
  • Moderate

Among these categories, moderated income is guaranteed for USDA loan . On the other hand, low and very low-income categories don’t exactly qualify for USDA loan program . USDA has generated different fees, qualifications, and terms for both of these. Here, our concern is the low-income category and we will discuss the essentials that require in it.

Low-Income Demonstration by USDA

USDA keenly views income that is more than any other loan program. For this, they predict your eligibility. You have to prove that you can’t attain the secure financing features than any program. In this prediction, your USDA loans requirement is analyzed by household adult’s income. This will definitely determine your eligibility. For example, if you are alone, then the calculation for your eligibility becomes simple. You can analyze your monthly income on your own.

On the other hand, if you are living with your family, then the complete household income will determine your eligibility (if any or more of adults have income sources). Why is other member’s income considered? It is because, if more persons of the family are working, then their monthly desires would be high that make your combine income too high. Keep in mind, if your household income is high, then they won’t entertain you for their loans.


USDA gives several deductions when you have these members in your family:

  •  For every child (under 18 and also above 18 if he/she is a student), you receive the deduction of $480.
  •  For every disabled person, $480 allowance.
  •  For every older person, $400 of allowance.

You can predict on your own if your eligibility income falls in this category.

Qualification Requirements

Now, moving ahead, if you have made eligible for this program, you also have to qualify for it. Below are the requirements you have to meet:

  •  You have to buy a home in any of rural areas .
  • Ratio of front-end house must be less than or equal to 29% of your gross monthly income
  • Ratio of back-end must be less than or equal to 41% of your gross monthly income including the mortgage payment and other existing debts.
  •  Your minimum credit score would be 620.

If you are made eligible for this program, your property must also be eligible for the minimum property requirement. Your home must be safe for living and its structure is maintained according to area requirement . It is also meet with the local city code. Furthermore, if it is modified with having luxury such as pools, etc. in it, then it won’t qualify for the USDA loan. That’s why all factors must be analyzed by your won before applying for a guaranteed USDA loan program.  


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