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The Big Step

Here is why you should travel alone at least once in a lifetime


Deciding to travel alone is a big and scary decision for most of the people. And it comes with a lot of work especially when it is the first time. You must inform yourself about the security and behaviour in the chosen destination. Furthermore, it takes a lot of budget planning, accommodation checking as well as mental practice. Make yourself aware that you are going to be on your own for that specific time. ‘On your own’ is the phrase you should have in your mind. Never choose to think about yourself as being ‘alone’, because you won’t.

Traveling solo brings many advantages for yourself and your life. Making friends from all over the world, changing priorities, adventure and so on…

In the following you will see what benefits you get from traveling solo. After reading that you cannot doubt that you want to be a solo traveller.

#1: It’s Just Me, Myself & I


You'll never be alone

As already mentioned ‘traveling solo’ is directly connected to ‘being totally alone’. But this is only partly true. When you first arrive in your chosen country/city you are obviously by yourself. And yes, you have to make your way to the hostel or hotel from the airport alone. But as soon as you arrived at the hostel being lonely is over. Nowadays you can find a lot of solo travelers who are sharing the same situation. Nobody really wants to be alone. Because of that you will find friends immediately. Just do not stay in your dorm bed. Hang out in the public area and sit down to random people. Or sit down by yourself, it will only take seconds until someone comes talk to you. Don’t worry, wherever you go there will be people to hang out with. At some point while traveling you might even wish for some alone time.

Friendships while travelling create very fast. People are sharing the same situation and can tell each other amazing stories from their travels. Facebook becomes the most important social media to stay connected. After a while you will have a bunch of worldwide friends. Wherever your next travels might take you, most probably you will have a friend in that country. Also if you only spent short but intense time together you will always be able to meet up with your ‘travel friends’ again. 

#2: Growing Up


You think you are all grown up and know everything that’s going on deep, deep inside of you? Seriously, you don’t.

Travelling alone gives you time to care only about yourself. Long trips in a bus, train or plane let you think about whatever is going on in your mind. Also while starring into the sea, chilling on a beautiful beach or wandering around highlands cannot keep your thoughts from flying around. Meeting people from all over the world changes your mind and the way to look on your way of living a lot. The diversity of cultures, religions and traditions gives you a different perspective of what you have in your life. Maybe you start honouring friends, family and your personal material belongings more. But maybe you also overthink what is really important for you. In the end, you are going to take these feelings you gained during your travels back home with you. 

#3: Make It Your Way


There is always more than one option

Sometimes after holidays you might have the feeling of ‘holiday after holiday’. The trip you’ve done with your friends or family wasn’t as relaxing as expected. Daily discussions and compromises about where to go and what to do are exhausting. Being part of the most touristic places is annoying and all in all it was a rush of doing every little thing that’s written in the lonely planet.

Travelling solo you get rid of all these limitations that are holding you back. Imagine a trip where you – and only you – decide what to see. No one can put a veto. Instead you will find people that are interested in the same thing and want to join you. But if you found a group of people that is planning a trip you are not interested in it’s not a problem at all. You are free to tell them you’re doing something else and you guys meet at night in the hostel again. For sure, nobody will be mad at you. 

As you see travelling solo can change your life and give you a special, exiting experience. Of course, it is frightening to make the first big step. Probably you also don’t like this travel style in the end. At least you’ve taken the chance and do not wonder what travelling on your own would be like. So go and start planning your ‘Big Step’! 

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