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Crucial marketing tips for authors:


Becoming a successful author nowadays wants knowing how to market and indorse yourself and your book, and it doesn’t matter whether you are conventionally published or going the self-publishing way. There are so many authors which are emerging with their unbelievable talent. Here is the compilation of some great authors marketing tips to make your book launch a victory, from their mutual experiences going down two different publishing paths.

We tried hundreds of diverse book marketing tips in the run up to our book launches. We spent a lot of time and money on some things and explored other things that we wish we’d acknowledged years ago. The good thing is that now we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work. So here goes:

1. marketing your book is going to take TIME. LOTS OF IT.

It sounds insane, especially if all of you really want to do is write, but you should be devoting as much, if not more time in your PR and marketing as you do in actually writing the book. We were both spending 15 hours a day on social media in the month before our books launched. Now we both spend on average 2-3 hours a day scheduling Tweets, joining with readers and bloggers, writing posts and can also create with the help of Wikipedia Page Creation Services which can help you to market your books by adding credibility in your book status. The Wikipedia Page Creation Services are one of the most reliable ad credible source which makes a massive change in your book marketing.

2. Create a website with engaging content

Your book might be the best on the planet, but who cares? There are hundreds of books out there. You have to show them that you value you readers time. How? By making sure everything else you place out there into the world is best quality. Write a blog every day, offer stimulating insights and make sure your website is SEO optimized. Your website is the doorway point for publishers and fans to discover out about you and your books. When you start giving the good stuff, put faith in us, people will be back. They’ll ditch you quickly even though, if you solely talk about yourself, which carries us to the next point.

3. Know your audience

Emphasis on just one or two social media platforms so you don’t expose yourself too thin and make sure you know who you’re trying to reach before you start. If you write Young Adult novels, focus on Instagram as many teens don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts. Similar to that, if you’re writing erotica, it is useless writing to Young Adult book bloggers or aiming teenagers, as they won’t be purchasing your erotic masterpiece. 

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