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There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars. - Jack Kerouac


BRAINSTORMING: Vorteile & Nutzen für den USER

B2C: Was hat ein User davon, sich auf Juptr zu registieren? 


Ein Mischmasch aus Englisch und Deutsch und alles noch ein wenig konfus, trotzdem wollte ich meine Gedanken zum User-Nutzen mit Euch teilen. Ergänzungen & Anmerkungen erwünscht! 


Select your favorite topics! No matter what your interests are: Sport, Tech, Fashion, Photography, Entertainment – we got you covered! --> this means: the user only receives and reads content that matters to him (no spams, no fake news, no pictures of your friend’s dinner)

• Große Vielfalt an Themen --> jeder fühlt sich auf Juptr zuhause

• Großer Vorteil: User avoids “Informationsüberflutung” due to selection of topics --> user saves time & has more brain capacity to actually read and learn about his interests

• We offer you top user-rated content: a mix of articles from millions of publications as well as unique and powerful user-generated content --> the most diverse content on the web --> Juptr offers a new perspective on trending topics


Share your voice and ideas with the world in just one click --> inspire others with your powerful stories!

• Juptr connects writers/people! Connecting through shared interests, words & emotion.

• The writer’s work counts, not his qualification. Quality over qualification!

• Auf Juptr ist der user-generated content genauso wichtig, je nach rating/voting sogar wichtiger, als der Content der Publications --> gleiches Recht für alle + die Ideen und Beiträge von Usern gewinnen an Bedeutung  


• Create unique forums and build communities on every topic in the universe

• Talk to people who have the same passion as you and participate in discussions

• Share your favorite articles and comment on articles

• Ask questions, get answers

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