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There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars. - Jack Kerouac



Your public profile on Juptr. It's a place for sharing interesting content, engaging in conversations and getting to know your community.


Get started now!

Create a unique public channel by filling it with your own articles, pictures and videos. Add your favorite external publications and blogs to receive the new published articles.

You can access your public channel via 'My forums'. Juptr users can view your channel by clicking your name. 


1. How can I personalize my profile? 

Click settings. If you like to give your profile a fresh look, upload a profile picture and a background image. You can even add a description or key words to make your channel more searchable. 


2. Who can post on my public channel? 

Technically, anyone can post anything on your channel. However, you can change this in the settings. Just activate the 'only authorized users can post' function and nobody but you decides what content will be published on your channel. 


3.  How can I share my public channel with my friends?

You can either invite your friends via Email or Social Media or copy and share the link.


4. How can I share articles?

It’s very easy. Just paste the link of the chosen article in the box and submit. 

When you click “write an article”, you get taken to a full-screen editor that allows you to publish your own articles. 


5. How can I feed my favorite blog to my public channel? 

Click on query selector. Search for your favorite blog. You found it? Add it to the query by clicking on the RSS source. From now on, every new published blog article will be automatically feeded to your public channel. YAY!


6. I can't find the blog/RSS feed I was looking for. How can I add it? 

We're sorry to hear you couldn't find what you were looking for. We're totally missing out! Please add the blog/RSS feed by clicking on Tell us its URL! Click ADD SITE. Yay, your favorite blog is part of Juptr now! 


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