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Flowers for Valentine’s Day that are better alternative to Roses

Valentine’s Day is a special day which is celebrated as the spirit and enthusiasm of lovers around the world. 

People offer lovely gifts to their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife as a special token of love and affection on this wonderful occasion. Flowers are one of the most popular gifting items among couples and help in conveying the love emotions in an extraordinary manner. However, people consider roses as the only flower that depicts the essence and significance of Valentine’s Day. Here are the few flower varieties that come as an excellent alternative to traditional roses which are considered as symbols of love. 

Tulips- Red and pink tulips symbolise fresh beginnings and serve as perfect romantic flowers for Valentine who are just involved in a fresh romantic relationship. A perfect scarlet tulip represents the “perfect love” as per an ancient Turkish legend. While yellow tulips are known to symbolise cheerful thoughts, white tulips are known to represent forgiveness. 



Orchids- In order to add an exquisite layer of fantasy and extraordinary beauty to your floral arrangement, you need to add a touch of lovely orchids without any delay. These lovely flowers are amazingly delicate and graceful in nature. They can help in representing love, luxury, beauty and strength in a fantastic manner making them a perfect fit for the occasion of Valentine’s Day. 



Sunflowers- The yellow cheerful petals along with the big bright face symbolises the sun with its appearance. Gifting a beautifully arranged flower bouquet comprising of charming sunflowers can convey the strong emotions of warmth, happiness, admiration and lasting love in the most effective manner. 



Gerbera Daisies- These flowers look innocent and cheerful in appearance but the red variety resembles the extraordinary feelings of love. With these special flowers for Valentine’s Day, you can easily express the wide range of emotions such as “I admire you”, “thank you”, “I love you”, “you make me happy” and such others.  


Gerbera Daisies

Lilies- If you want to select a bold choice for this special occasion, you need to go for elegant lilies. Different varieties of lilies can express the different emotions in a wonderful manner. For example, a Mini Cala Lily can effortlessly represent the magnificence and beauty with the perfect combination of purity and innocence. Similarly, a Red Peruvian Lily is also considered as one of the members of the heart shaped flowers as it showcases the heart shaped petals with a hint of yellow.   



It is high time to explore these Valentine flowers that are a perfect alternative to common roses which have become a common flower to express the strong emotions of love and romance.  

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