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Artists Should Learn From Joelle Dinnage How Charity and Art Go Hand in Hand


Donating to the poor or the underprivileged is one of the most selfless acts that mankind can do. Donations raise the standard of living and they help in embellishing lives. It strengthens your spirituality and keeps you grounded. Humility is a virtue that should be inculcated in everyone, especially in a world where showing off and condescending anyone that’s not as privileged as the other is a norm. Entrepreneurs and companies that delve into the selfless arms of charity go farther in their ventures and even the employees take pride in the company that they work in.

Joelle Dinnage is an award-winning entrepreneur excelling in the art industry and career achievements are so extensive now that she has been endorsed as a public figure. She is the founder of numerous art organizations while being the Director of the International Art Fair. Most importantly, she is a philanthropist.

Joelle goes out of her way to be charitable. She has visited several countries just so that she can help the organizations there, no matter how small or big, get some funding so that they can uplift their noble cause. For instance, in 2012 she traveled to Tanzania to help an orphanage of "Bwejuu". She is still very dedicated and consistent in supporting the orphanage. In February 2014 Joelle's company traveled to Kathmandu for the "Save Blessing Child Home" Orphanage. They educated the orphans about art and organized classes there. It was supported by the Oxford Art Fair and Rotterdam International Art Fair.

Later, in 2015, Joelle raised funds in collaboration with “Act Against Ebola” at the Blenheim Palace Charity with an art auction that Dinnage organized herself. The donations would ultimately be given to the renowned charity organization “Doctors Without Borders”. They raised £6000 GBP because of their dedication and encouragement towards the project.

Joelle’s father recently passed away from cancer and it impacted Joelle so much that she wholly committed herself to raise funds for cancer research. Not only is Joelle open to the epidemics of Nature, she also has a major soft spot for the welfare of the environment. She joined hands with SeaCourt Limited to deplete the carbon footprint that reckless organizations leave behind.

“Vale House” is a care home built specially for the cause of tending to people suffering from dementia. We said earlier that Joelle goes out of her way to leave a good mark on the world and in order to raise money for Vale House, she trained for the theatre show Strictly Come Dancing Oxford because all the proceeds will be donated. You can even support Joelle to raise funds for this noble cause!

It goes to show that whether you’re swimming in billions like Jeff Bezos of Amazon or you’re the founder of more than 15 companies like Joelle Dinnage, charity is one such thing that channels goodness from you and makes you a better human being in all aspects of life. You don't make rash decisions or feel the onset of ungratefulness when you consistently work towards donating to the underprivileged. Artists are people who know how to portray accurately what brews in their mind and heart. So if you do something good, or bring a smile upon someone's face, you're nourishing your inner self which will ultimately affect your art and life as a whole.

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