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This is how Juptr Search works 

Create a new channel for any topic that inspires you.


Try different search queries to get the best results! 

Scenario #1 

Select a keyword (e.g. Trump). Add tags (#politics #usa) to specify the search result. You will receive articles from all sources in Juptr. All articles will contain both the keyword and at least one of the selected tags. 


In general, tags help to refine the topic you're looking for. For example, if you're into vegetarian recipes, you should enter the keyword word cooking and add the tag #vegetarian in order to get the most accurate results.

Scenario #2 

Add your favorite sources (blogs and online magazines) to search query #1. This way, you will only receive articles from your selected sources. A tailor-made channel - just for you. 


Scenario #3

You want a quick overview of your favorite topic? Try the keyword search! You will receive articles containing at least one of the selected keywords. 


Scenario #4

For a more broad overview, just add a few search tags to your query and hit show results. 


Scenario #5

You want to combine your favorite sources and receive every article from each source? Great, you can do that, too! Just add your sources and press enter. 


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