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How to Find Ideas for a Song


There are many ways to find good ideas for a song. Some of the world’s greatest songwriters and rappers use a variety of sources for seeking inspiration. J. Ills, is a famous African American songwriter who also owns his own record label entitled Real Lion Entertainment. He’s written a variety of songs and has composed them himself too.

If you want to take inspiration to write a song, you can get it from various sources. You just need to look. Here are a few ways to find ideas for a song.

1. Through Emotions

The first way to find ideas for writing a song is to start from an emotion. For example, you want to express sadness, happiness, or joy. It can be an emotion from the present moment or an emotion that you want to transcribe from the past.

Not many people are fans of this method, though. Indeed, diving in an ocean of emotions can be difficult, igniting them to write on a blank piece of paper can become even more challenging. Once you sit down with a pen and paper, you feel lost. In front of the universe of possibilities, you risk, either to give up, to write banalities, or to spend a lot of time sitting there in vain. If you’re going through a similar case, you might find it to be easier to start from concrete elements that will focus your writing.

2. From A Trip Down The Memory Lane

Another approach is to start from an experience you had in the past. For example, you might have experienced a funny situation, or a sad one, that you want to express through words. There may be hundreds of things that could ignite those memories from the past that may help you find the right topic for your song-writing spree:

• Missing the last night bus

• Greeting someone by thinking you know him/her, but to find him/her a stranger

• Being dumped in an incongruous place

The advantage is that through these situations, you will automatically express emotions by having a writing axis. Also, you do not have to transcribe it to make it entirely real. You can start from a real situation and insert fictitious elements.

3. Starting From A Fictional Situation

This approach is similar to the previous one, but instead of starting from a real situation, we will start from a fictional plot. You can either use your imagination or borrow it from any other situation, such as from:

• Movies

• Theatre plays

• Novel

• Mythology

Add your own bits of story to the plot to insert that personal touch into your lyrics. This can make the song truly appealing for your audience as they even get to know your struggles behind the screen. Eminem and Tupac are great examples of writing about your own life using chunks of fiction. J. Ills is another excellent example who is making his way to the mainstream music industry.

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