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Virtosu Addressing Social Issues In His Work


As you know, art is the purest way to address a social issue in the public. It’s like delivering an infinite speech or watching an ongoing TV Show. We deliver potentially hundreds of stories and outcomes when we present art to the world. Nowadays, society relies heavily on technology and graphics to get on with their regular day. Take a laptop, for example, something that seems just a click away took hours of artistic graphic design.

However, even with all of these advantages in the modern day world, we still face so many social issues within our society. Is this because we are more interconnected with cell phones? Either way, we are living in a world amongst inequality, discrimination, and war.

Art dates back to the stone ages, it is something we usually take for granted, as it is constantly surrounding us. It seems so mad that your wallpaper, or the shirt you’re wearing, was initially designed via art.

Because of this, artists want to address social issues through the use of art, whether that be street graffiti or gestural abstract art, it may be the most robust way to put across messages.

An example of somebody who likes to portray social issues and messages in his work, is a well-known contemporary artist, Gheorghe Virtosu. Growing up in a rather derelict area, Gheorghe was inspired to travel the world and get a greater idea of the range of cultures. The overwhelming idea of social media and modern day pop culture was enough to inspire Gheorghe to create abstract pieces that express his attitudes towards them.

A prime example of his work where he does this is his contemporary piece, ‘Marylyn Monroe’.

The outburst of red, passionate color expresses his anger towards the negative and sexual light this fashion icon is shown in the modern day media.

If anyone is unaware of what happened to Monroe in her prime-time, she was a very successful model but was exploited for her body. Although she is known for her success and image, people still express their frustration towards women’s bodies- both then and now.

The contrast of deep navy and crimson creates a classy, chic feel to the entire image, painting Monroe as a stylish, well-rounded woman.

However, the idea of blue representing sadness creates the feeling that Marylyn, although dripping in diamonds and known as the most beautiful woman in the world, was lost in her own sea of sadness. It’s as if she feels somewhat surrounded by the negative thoughts she gets in the media.

Virtosu addresses this clearly, his ongoing reputation for addressing social and political issues indicates that this piece doesn’t sway far from his style. His idea of a modern pop culture completely is displayed in his works, he focuses on projecting his anger and love towards a range of problems in our world today. Virtosu really is an inspiring artist!

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