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Ways to Monetize Your New Technology Blog.


It takes a certain combination of persistence, audacity and writing ability to build a technology blog. When you have your blog set up and now that there’s traffic heading your way, it’s time to monetize your blog. A technology blog is solely created for those who are seeking help and information regarding technical and digital topics. Tech blogs provide information that techies crave for, such as informative tutorials or ingenious software solutions. Growing a technology blog requires a lot of hard work and effort, which also means writing a lot of articles and topics of interest. In this article, I will cover up all the important pointers that you can use to monetize your blog with some technologies and strategies that can help you naturally gain search engine authority, as well as more people coming back to visit your blog.

Post More Often:

The more content on your blog, the more chances of driving more blog traffic increase, which would you generate a significant amount of revenue. Posting frequently always creates a considerable amount of traffic because you are everywhere, and reachable for users to find you. Don’t spam, and it’s instead suggested to post one article or piece of content regularly. You can create and develop compelling content weekly. Search engines are also a significant factor in this aspect, and you will need to consider in your content strategy seriously. It might sound, and so it might be, but it’s worth the effort if you are getting what you need for your site. If you can dedicate yourself to a very consistent and frequent blogging schedule, your efforts to monetize your blog will surely meet your expectations.

Pick Revenue Friendly Topics:

This might sound very basic and maybe boring, but there are people out there looking for tips on how to accelerate their revenue and grow their businesses, or about freebies and saving money. If you want to earn money off ads, write about stuff people would want to purchase. For example, if you write about accessories like cables or smartphone cases, the ads on your page would do well. People reading a review about a product are likely to click an adjacent ad and purchase the product.

Use Google Analytics:

I once heard a smart man say if you can’t tell if someone improves or reduces if you aren’t covering it. Luckily, Google’s got you covered in this department with Google Analytics. Google Analytics shows you a ton of information about your visitors, including what kind of computer they work with, what time they visit your site, how many pages they visit, which pages are the most popular, where your visitors live and which pages make the most money. Now targeting the last point that I mentioned, about which pages make you the most money, this is what wise bloggers take into action. If you check nothing else, knowing which pages make you the most money, can support you to explain how the public at substantial uses and views your site. It’s also easier to examine which topics are more interesting to visitors, and then you can keep writing content related to those topics. This increases page views and site earnings.

Logo Design:

The more attractive your brand logo is more you are going to attract your going to target your potential audience. Logo designing is an attractive approach to gain maximum amount of attention. It encompasses meaningful message which daze the customer and have a lasting impact on their minds. You can find top logo designer all over the world if you find the best logo designer in Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, anywhere you want to find in the world can easily find it.


You can use all the useful tools to generate more traffic and make your site reachable to many users, but at the end of the day, the site that produce and deliver quality and informative content, are the ones that garner the most traffic.  

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