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What makes Teak Wood Perfect for Furniture Manufacturing?


Teak wood is quite famous in wooden furniture industry because of its unique characteristics and high usability. The type of wood is exceptionally good for both, construction and furniture making. What makes teak wood a high quality wood is partially its texture and partially its appearance. This article is an attempt to have a detailed understanding of teak wood texture and the aesthetic value of it as well.

Lets begin with the teak wood texture to know what makes it unique and valuable.

Texture of Teak Wood

Teak wood is a dense wood that has an oil-contented texture that makes it durable. The wood has a concentrated structure that solidifies its texture and gives it strength to deal with high external pressures. Teak wood texture is capable of dealing with heavy weight age and excessive load without having any bristles or breakage.

Strong teak wood can be used not only for furniture making but also for flooring. The fact that it can be used for flooring depicts how strong it is. Other than that, it is not just solid in terms of material but it is also durable in other ways. Teak wood texture is waterproof due to the oiliness of the wood. The wood contains natural oil and it makes it waterproof, protecting it from any type of fungus, molds, or any other insects that can cause a major damage.

Appearance of Teak Wood

Teak wood is beautiful in appearance as well. It has a dark brownish surface that naturally shines. That is because the wood contains oil that makes it shiny on the outside and protective on the inside. The wood does not need high maintenance and can survive extreme weathers easily. However, the wood is not tolerant to excessive exposures to sunlight. 

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