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Heads-Up for Animators: What to Ask Your Clients?


Here are some of the very useful queries that you should ask your clients before you take their project to work on.

1. What Does Your Company Do?

Ask the clients about their business and what type of product or services they provide to their customers.

2. Who Is Targeted Audience?

Knowing the audience will help you create the animation video in a way that is suitable for the similar age-group or gender or whichever type of audience the client wants to target.

3. Who Are Your Competitors?

It will help you know who your competitor is and how much effort you will have to put in for the work.

4. Did You Ever Hire the Video Animator or Video Animation Company In the Past?

It should be in your knowledge that is it their first time with the hiring of the video animation services or did they have it before; this way you will know what their expectations from you are.

5. How Was Your Experience?

Knowing whether they had the good experience or the bad one will let you know what does the client wants from you.

6. Why Are You Not Hiring Them Again?

If the client has a good experience, then you should know what is keeping them from hiring the previous animators again, and if they had a bad experience ask them what went wrong that they cause them a displeasure.

7. What Type of Animated Video Services Do You Want Now?

Asking this question will help you know are you eligible for providing the services they are looking for.

8. Do You Want the Animators to Follow Any Particular Specifications?

It will help you make sure that the client’s requirements are completely fulfilled, and they will be highly satisfied with the results in the end.

9. Will You Be Providing the Script?

Ask this question so that you will know whether you have to arrange the script or not and so that you will charge them accordingly.

10. When Do You Want the Project to Be Submitted?

You should know the timeline as this will help you decide whether you will be able to complete the task and provide it on time or not.

11. What Is Your Financial Plan?

You should know what their budget is before you quote them your prices. Remember you are making a client here, so you have to quote them accordingly.

12. How Are You Planning to Pay the Amount?

Many clients pay the animators the full amount after the submission of the project whereas many prefer to pay in instalments.

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