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How to Get On Wikipedia: Killer Wiki Guide



Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia and it gathers information about every valuable and notable topic. However, people are eager to utilize it for enhancing their brand promotion or to publicize their personalities. It is not necessary to be famous to get on Wikipedia pages; you just need to show yourself notable and valuable. Anybody can pop in the list of Wikipedia; all you need to do is work on your online presence a bit. The guide below summarizes a detailed procedure to create a Wikipedia page for yourself or for your company.

Choose the Purpose

If you want a page for yourself, you have to create a notable profile on the modern platforms. You have to make accounts and gain readership on prominent sites. You have to present yourself as an expert in the field. By having, a reputable personality you can plan to create a draft so that you can pitch Wikipedia to get your article accepted.

Likewise, if it’s about a company, you have to make sure that it is legitimate and reliable. It should be linked to many social media sites to show its online patch. Along with this, it should have a trait that can highlight its brilliance either the number of customers it entertains or the rising popularity of its products.

Thirdly, if you simply want to publish an article you must choose the right topic. Your title should be unique and it should not be covered before. You can look into the search box and scroll through the list of suggestions to confirm that it is not present in any way on the site. After filtering out the searches and getting assured that it does not exist, you can continue working on the content.

Compose your Content

If your content is about your company, you must make sure that you enter every single information about your company including links and all authentic documents. You must present a most trustable outlook of your brand.

Secondly, if it’s about yourself, do create a well-written piece of information adding information in a perfect biographical manner. You can go through the guide present on the official website of Wikipedia if still, you find any trouble, you can consult wiki professionals inc.

Thirdly, if it is an article then make sure that it has an error-free content. It should be well versed and descriptive. It should be free from any false or copied information. The editor will straight away reject the article if it contains any loopholes. You have to keep the flow of your work well in place and format it in the right manner.

In a Nut Shell

Getting on Wikipedia is a bit tricky. You have to do a quality check, make sure your content is genuine, written in a proper format, and have unique information. All of these areas are important to consider as it upholds the integrity and authenticity of the site. 


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