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Commercial Finance for Entrepreneurship


Scooping out entrepreneurial opportunities, you are met with a number of industries that you can choose from. Before diving into the field of entrepreneurship, every individual scrutinizes his/her options based on a number of variables. One such is definitely the success factor. Today’s ecosystem of business has anchored a number of industries to be prosperous for entrepreneurs to engage in. Commercial finance is one of them.

Finance entrepreneurs are rapidly increasing in numbers. The sole reason behind people taking the leap towards this industry is because of its “evergreen” status. It means finance businesses are needed more than ever. Why? Simply because entrepreneurs and businesses looking to raise capital are left with remote options. Banks involve a lot of complications in the form of a limited amount to lend, proof of credit history, collaterals, loan applications and the formalities. Only a handful of applications for loans ever get approved, which is why commercial financing is emerging as a primary way to raise capital for businesses. It’s a fruitful alternative solution and businesses today increasingly rely on it to meet their capital requirements.

The opportunity to start a commercial finance business is promising. It’s a thriving industry that rewards in paychecks after paychecks. As the number of businesses and entrepreneurs seeking services of commercial finance companies continue to grow, the opportunity to bag success and emerge as a promising venture is significantly higher. However, there are a number of metrics which anyone looking to jump in the commercial finance sector needs to ace. One such is expertise.

The right training and expertise in the field of commercial finance separate the big players from small. Market fluctuations, scoring deals, reaping benefits and streamlining paychecks are one of the key areas where a commercial finance business specializes. Anyone looking to engage in this sector needs not only a comprehensive academic background of finance and work experience but there’s a specific training dedicated to the dynamics of commercial finance which sets the ground of success for most.

Someone having comprehensive knowledge, expertise and work experience in the field of finance may still not be destined for success. It is all about “specifics”. By that, setting up a business in commercial finance is a whole area of study which needs to be an all-inclusive expertise, delivered by training and improving knowledge of financial experts engaged for this very purpose.

Kris Roglieri is making a remarkable difference with his venture, Commercial Capital Training Group. Kris, a finance geek and an industry expert, having founded a number of ventures like Durham Commercial Capital, Prime Commercial Lending, The Finance Marketing Group and of course, Commercial Capital Training Group continues to reward those looking to enhance the market with their ideas and capabilities. In the US, CCTG is educating entrepreneurs of commercial finance with multiple training programs. Graduates of the training programs are able to offer capital loans amounting to different ranges, from $5k to $500million to businesses of all sizes and in various industries. CCTG also trains loan brokers in over 42 segments of product segments in the commercial finance industry.

The sector of commercial finance continues to expand as alternate ways to raise capital continue to get scarce. Bottom line is that every business’s capital needs are different and thus, it’s important to work with those who specialize in proposing the best value for a business.

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