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Welcome to Juptr – the smartest content platform in the universe!

On Juptr, the one calling the shots knows you better than any algorithm: it’s you!

On Juptr, you get to decide the subjects and sources of the content you want to read and who you want to discuss it with. You can also publish your own articles on Juptr and share your thoughts with others.

Here’s how life on Juptr works:

It’s possible to use Juptr without registering, but to make the most of your experience, it’s best to sign up with your e-mail address. This will store the sources and subjects you’ve selected and allow you to use all of the functions for free on any device. Simply click here to REGISTER.

By the way: Juptr is not a data leech!
We only store the settings we need to provide the content you want. Apart from that, we’re not interested in who you are, who you know or what you’re up to!


After landing:

The first place you’ll land is My Feed. This is where you’ll find a summary of all the content you’re interested in from your channels and forums.

Since you won’t have defined any interests when you first get started, we’ve gone ahead and created a couple first channels for you. They are called 8Hours and 7Days and contain the most important news articles from that period. To find them, Juptr automatically searches thousands of news sources and displays the topics that are currently trending online.


Juptr is a web app and runs on PCs, tablets and smartphones – no app download required.

Your channels: the smart way to stay informed.

On channels, you can read about the things that interest you.
  • You can follow one source or multiple sources and combine them in channels.
  • You can use a single term or multiple terms to define your interests, or you can create hashtag searches (# + word = comprehensive topic search)
  • And you can follow channels that Juptr has already created.
Here’s how to create a channel:

The mobile menu is easy to operate with your thumbs.

Here’s how to configure your channels on your desktop computer:

And here’s how it works on your smartphone:

Your forums: the smarter way to discuss content

In forums, you can publish articles you’ve written yourself or share content from around the web and hold discussions with other people. You get to decide who can post in your forum and whether the forum can be found via a public search or not.

Here’s how to create a forum:


Then this screen will appear:

Write and publish your own articles

In order to write your own articles, you have to be a registered Juptr user. The menu item ‘Write an article’ won’t be displayed until you’ve registered. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here. Clicking the menu item will open the Juptr editor. It’s obviously best to use a desktop computer to write articles, but you can also do it on your smartphone in a pinch.

Menu                                                       Editor

The editor is actually pretty self-explanatory.

Simply click the text element you want to edit, then write in it. The formatting menu appears when you mark a section of text; it allows you to format or share sections of text, add bullet points or format text links with the ‘#’ symbol.

At the right, you can move the entire text element up or down, or delete it entirely.



Use the ‘Insert’ button to add new elements to your article. Click ‘+’ to open the Insert menu, where you can insert different types of text, images and codes.
  •  Use ‘Embed’ to insert links to other websites, YouTube videos, etc. A preview image for these links will be displayed in the text. Here’s an example: a Juptr spot. ;-)

Use ‘Image’ to insert images. Simply click on the sample image and go to ‘Upload’.

Manage and publish articles:
You can find the administration menu for all of your articles at the upper left: 


Administration menu                                                                                                      

Here, you can create new drafts (New Drafts), save them (Save), and manage saved drafts (Drafts). You can also publish your articles (Publish).

Publish articles:

Forums are the only place where you can publish articles you’ve written yourself – in your own forums, or in forums where the owner has given you permission to post. Click on the forum of your choice and decide whether the article should only be published there or be made available to all Juptr users.


Edit articles

Once you publish an article, a ‘My posts’ tile will be automatically created for you on your channel under ‘Following’.



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